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Energy Improvements

Our energy-efficiency specialists will pinpoint your home’s pain points—and eliminate them. The result: increasing your home’s comfort and decreasing your energy costs and carbon footprint.

New England’s existing homes need help. Many homes were constructed before modern energy and building codes were established. They often have efficiency problems that cause over-consumption of heating fuels and electricity, and lead to poor comfort and indoor air quality.

Here at Peachtree Builders we offer our clients a specialized energy improvements service which we call our “Home Health Upgrade.” Clients who sign-on for this service see both the immediate benefits of improved comfort (such as drafty, damp or over-heated areas fixed) and the long-term benefits of reduced energy consumption and costs. Depending on the scope of the proposed improvements, this service can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% in older homes and by up to 30% in newer houses built to current codes. Cost savings, while subject to varying seasonal weather changes and fuel and electricity costs, can be noted in your energy bills in three to five years.

Certified Professionals

The building professionals at Peachtree Builders are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified, which means that we are part of a network of specially trained and certified analysts that provide comprehensive inspections of building systems and their energy efficiency. 

The Building Performance Institute, Inc. is the nation’s premier standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy efficiency retrofit work. 

Peachtree’s Builders Home Health Upgrade Service

Our Home Health Upgrade service will require a professional analysis of your home by one of our BPI certified specialists. We offer this as both a stand-alone service and as an add-on to any project you may hire Peachtree Builders for.

With the resulting information, we can give you a full prognosis that allows you to see all the changes we can make to address the efficiency, comfort, and any health issues (such as mold) in your home. We can also help you determine which changes will be most important, working within your budget to gain the greatest benefits for your home and family. Our team will also point you towards available rebates, as applicable (such as those from Efficiency Vermont), for any energy-efficiency upgrades you hire us to make.

To learn more about our Home Health Upgrade, you can reach us at 802-674-6005, or you can fill out the form on our contact page and one of our certified specialists will get in touch with you.