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Q&A With: Bronwyn Ferguson, Peachtree’s Director of Client Experience

Bronwyn Ferguson Director of Client Experience
If you haven’t met Bronwyn Ferguson yet over on Peachtree’s About Us page, let us introduce you! With over 30 years of industry experience, including running her own full-service design firm, Bronwyn brings a wealth of knowledge to the Peachtree team in her role as Director of Client Experience.

Q: What does your job as Director of Client Experience entail?
A: “My role as Director of Client Experience starts with reaching out or responding to clients who are interested in interior design or full renovation projects in their homes. I begin with an initial phone call or Zoom meeting: I want to hear all about their project, dreams and desires! I want folks to immediately feel at ease before meeting in person, as many have never worked with a designer.
When we do have our first meeting, we meet with our client on-site at their home to review their projects (oftentimes I am meeting them along with Richard Nelson, Peachtree’s Owner). During the initial site visit, I’ll explain the many services that Peachtree provides, and my hands-on role working directly with them throughout the process.
From conception to completion, I work with clients to select everything from the floor plan layouts and design to materials such as flooring, paint colors, lighting, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and more. I can even help them select furniture and accessories, if they so choose. My goal is to ensure a stress free and FUN experience for our clients!”

Q: What is your best advice for someone looking to remodel or renovate their home?
A: “Do your homework and work with professionals. Check references and speak with friends and colleagues. Don’t just do a Google search. Know that the company you are hiring is reputable with a design/build team and vetted subcontractors. Sadly, we hear many stories of frustration, lack of communication and poor craftsmanship in our industry.”

Q: How would you describe your design style?
A: “I would consider my design style as Transitional. Many clients are looking to update their older homes, while adding comfort and details that suit their lifestyle with timeless design to last for years to come.
I also have experience working on contemporary, mid-century modern, Victorian homes, and also commercial office spaces.”

Q: What part of the design process gets you most excited?
A: “Earning a client’s trust and friendship is the most exciting part of the process for me. The ‘Big Reveal’ is a close second, but establishing lasting relationships is always the best part for me.”

Q: What is your number one goal when it comes to serving Peachtree’s clients?
A: “Success. This comes when we have exceeded expectations for their project. Clear communication, managing any disruptions to their home life, smooth design decisions and keeping harmony within the home.”

Q: What is your favorite Peachtree project and why?
A: “I have many memorable Peachtree projects, but one really stands out for me. We met with a potential client who was extremely stressed.  She said she had met with three other potential builders who were intimidating, did not listen to her needs and were very critical of her home. None of them ever got back to her, and one required an enormous deposit before they would even come to her home.
After our initial consultation, she expressed sincere relief. She felt ‘heard,’ respected and was excited to work with our Peachtree team who would guide her through the entire process, as she had never done a home renovation before. Ultimately, we transformed her house into the home of her dreams, and her gratitude was felt throughout the project.”

Q: How would you describe the Peachtree difference?
A: “I have been in this industry for over 30 years and can honestly say I have never worked with such a talented, creative and truly kind team!  This is evident with the ease of the workflow on our projects and wonderful accolades from all our clients. We also all truly like one another and there’s a real sense of family within the company.”